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Emerging trends in the hospitality furniture business have shown a great dispensation towards contract hotel furniture. As an involved and conscious market player in the hospitality furniture segment, Fabiia is pleased to present a stunning and exclusive collection of contract hotel furniture including hotel bedroom furniture as well as restaurant furniture and cafe furniture among others.

Given the current competitive trends in the hospitality furniture segment, the need is to constantly keep reinventing and reimagining things in order to stay ahead in the business. With the booming tourism sector, there is a great demand for customised furniture and associated products. Fabiia has risen to the occasion and curated a large selection of contract hotel furniture. The repertoire of Fabiia’s restaurant furniture and cafe furniture covers the whole gamut of solutions in consonance with industry requirements.

Changing life styles, socio economic changes and altering perceptions need to be factored in while redoing or retro-fittinghospitality spaces. Contract hotel furniture gives one the leeway to introduce furniture that’s been specially made keeping the client’s specifications in mind. In other words, designer furniture that’s one of a kind! Hotel bedroom furniture needs to match up to the theme and decor of the particular space. Fabiia’s collection of hotel bedroom furniture including luxury sofas, lounge chairs, ottomans and others can be customised in terms of materials, colours and finishes. This gives the customers ample freedom to choose solutions that are tailor made for them!

The discerning traveller does not see a hotel as a transit place. A hotel is a destination by itself where the client unwinds and seeks home like comfort. As such, hotels of varying slabs, from luxury to boutique, are reinventing themselves keeping the client’s requirements in mind.Fabiia’s contract hotel furniture houses the most sought after brands from across the globe including acclaimed Italian design brands. The promise of high quality, competitive pricing and exemplary customer service makes Fabiia the preferred choice for hospitality furniture. The exclusive range of dining chairs, dining tables, bar stools and other cafe furniture can be found in the Fabiia store, at the click of a button!

The significance of UAE as a premier tourism and leisure destination has gained by leaps and bounds. In keeping with the growing demands, restaurants and hotels are gearing up to meet the emergent needs. Restaurant furniture from Fabiia eloquently straddles the vast design scene, from classic to, modern, mid-century modern to contemporary.Luxury and business hotels are organic centres of activity and these spaces cater to a wide diversity of clientele. Hotel foyers, lounge areas and dining spaces often double up as conference areas and meeting places. Fabiia’s exclusive hospitality furniture solutions like lounge chairs and sofas help create the perfect ambience for such scenarios.

Be it high end hotel bedroom furniture or restaurant furniture Fabiia promises impeccable quality and dedicated customer support! Contract hotel furniture including cafe furniture from Fabiia will ensure that touch of exclusivity to hospitality environments.