Office Fit Out

The interior design of an office serves as the unspoken narrator of a company's beliefs, with each aspect softly expressing the principles, ambitions, and goals that steer its achievements.

Fabiia is an expert in complete office fitouts, skillfully turning workplaces into uniquely designed and extremely efficient spaces that foster productivity and innovation.

What we deliver

empty office with hardwood floors - cat a office fit out.
Fabiia's CAT A Fitout entails the essential infrastructure elements of a commercial area, from flooring and ceilings to lighting and more. This forms the basis for further personalized designing and customization, culminating in a functional and visually enticing environment.

sleek office design showcasing a spacious open space with stylish furniture - cat b office fit out.
Fabiia's CAT B Fitout skillfully transforms a rudimentary commercial interior into a meticulously designed and adapted environment, incorporating particular tenant requirements, partitions, furnishings, and finishes to reveal a distinct and efficient workspace.

office space with premium desks and chair - office fit out contractors
Fabiia's design and build service surpasses the delivery of a completed space; it assumes the vital role as your sole point of contact throughout the journey. From envisioning the design to executing the project meticulously and ensuring a seamless space handover, our streamlined process guarantees a seamless and contented experience.
premium furniture adorns a modern office space - office refurbishment
Fabiia's refurbishment processes breathe new life into the fabric of current spaces, expertly revitalizing and augmenting the aesthetics and functionality to shape an environment that radiates refreshment.

a well-furnished office featuring desks and chairs - office re-engineering
Fabiia's Office Reengineering comprises a tactical overhaul and streamlining of your workspace arrangement. This guarantees its synchronization with changing requisites and modern inclinations, fostering heightened effectiveness, cooperation, and an enriched work involvement.

Some of our recent projects

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